23.01, 2pm - 6pm

Monday is the introduction day. We’ll first prepare by learning everything about the latest version of Javascript (ES2015). Then we’ll get familiar with the setup and the tools that are required to run a React app. After that you will finally learn the basics of React & JSX. You will write your first app with few custom components.


24.01, 2pm - 6pm

On Tuesday you’ll learn the ins and outs of React. We’ll talk about state management, interactions, events, stateful vs. stateless components, and component lifecycle events.


25.01, 2pm - 6pm

On Wednesday you’ll learn why do we need external state management libraries, and what are currently the best options. We’ll do an introduction and comparison between Redux and MobX and then you will write an app with each one.


23.01, 2pm - 6pm

On Thursday you’ll write your first “real life” app. We’re gonna introduce the router and fetch some data from a server. After that we’ll do a comparison between popular ways of styling in React (CSS, inline styles, CSS-in-JS, css-modules, and styled-components). Then you can pick and use any of the methods to add styles to your app.


23.01, 2pm - 6pm

On Friday we’ll dive into some more advanced topics. We’re gonna use Flow types, add linting with eslint, test the app with Jest and Enzyme, and learn why Immutable.js can be useful in combination with Redux.